Lazio's president denies Bernardeschi deal: "I know nothing"

SS Lazio v Bologna - Coppa Italia
SS Lazio v Bologna - Coppa Italia / Silvia Lore/GettyImages

Lazio, the prominent Serie A soccer club, is exploring a potential strategic move involving Federico Bernardeschi, currently linked with Toronto FC. The club is considering a six-month loan for the Italian player, providing him with the opportunity to showcase his skills. While this may seem like a straightforward market decision, it raises intriguing questions about player dynamics, associated risks, and the potential impact of this temporary transfer.

Bernardeschi's current engagement with Toronto FC amounts to €5 million, but the former Juventus player is reportedly willing to lower his salary demands for MLS. Interestingly, Juventus appears to be the player's preferred destination, considering his positive experience in Turin and the friendships he formed there. However, other options are not ruled out, with the priority being a return to Italy.

In an interview with Tag24, Lazio's president, Claudio Lotito, addressed the recent speculation about Bernardeschi's potential arrival, stating that he is not aware of any such developments and encouraging inquiries with the director of sports, Fabiani. Lotito expressed his limited involvement in day-to-day matters, emphasizing that he would inquire but believes there is nothing substantial to report.

"Bernardeschi? I don't know anything, ask the sports director Fabiani, but there's nothing much, I can assure you." Said Lotito, "And besides, I can't be on top of these things and various issues every day. I'll call the sports director myself and ask now, but I already tell you there's nothing. But excuse me, who said this? I know nothing, and there's nothing..."

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This potential move for Bernardeschi adds an element of uncertainty to Lazio's transfer strategy, leaving fans and pundits eager to see how this story unfolds in the coming months.