John Herdman on Messi: "He is the best player, in my opinion"

Brazil v Argentina - FIFA World Cup 2026 Qualifier
Brazil v Argentina - FIFA World Cup 2026 Qualifier / Buda Mendes/GettyImages

As the Major League Soccer orchestrated interviews with 20 players and coaches as part of their media and marketing campaign, one figure loomed large, even in his absence. Lionel Messi, the elusive GOAT, cast a shadow over the proceedings, though he did not partake in the event.

Amid the anticipation and discussions about the upcoming season, John Herdman, the new head coach of Toronto FC, shared his insights at the Miami Beach Convention Center. While Messi's name echoed through the room, Herdman acknowledged the significance of the matchups involving Miami.

"Everyone is eyeing the Miami fixtures on the calendar," Herdman remarked. "It's a fascinating time for the MLS. The best player, in my opinion, ever to grace this league, makes a genuine statement of intent. It's the place to be," he asserted.

Herdman's words conveyed a sense of eagerness and ambition for Toronto FC in the 2024 season. With the prospect of facing formidable opponents and the league's brightest stars, the new coach appears ready to guide the team through a season filled with challenges and opportunities.

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As the countdown to the start of the season begins, Herdman's vision for Toronto FC aligns with the heightened excitement surrounding the league, promising a season of thrilling moments and intense competition.