John Herdman instills a winning mentality in Toronto FC

For Toronto FC, the match played on April 27th was a positive win for the team, highlighting important factors in their game, and John Herdman emphasized these.
John Herdman instills a winning mentality in Toronto FC
John Herdman instills a winning mentality in Toronto FC / Eston Parker/ISI Photos/GettyImages

In an incredible comeback by Toronto FC against Orlando City, they managed to secure 3 crucial points for the season. In this early stage of the MLS, TFC sits in 4th position in the Eastern Conference, trailing the group leader, Inter Miami, by just 5 points.

TFC's winning mentality to turn the game around

The victory in the final minutes of the match was a huge surprise to all spectators. While the game seemed to be favoring Orlando City, Toronto FC managed to turn the tide of the match within just 3 minutes, with goals from Tyrese Prince and Prince Owusu, culminating in an epic comeback with a score of 1-2.

John Herdman expressed pride in the team's performance before the media, where the team showed a crucial attitude in the face of adversity during the match. For Herdman, this is an important element this season.

"We showed a good mentality to set the tone on how we want to approach this place. I thought the guys were brave from the front and kind of stamped their physical element on the game."

John Herdman

Herdman's adjustments for the match were essential for the comeback, but above all, the players' great insistence on not losing the match. The search for the goal was always incisive from both the visitors and the hosts, and when the hosts eased off the accelerator, The Reds seized this opportunity and scored two great goals for a remarkable comeback.

"This is a tough place to come. There’s always heat, humidity. We’ve just come off the back of a game this week. And to see the shift they put in was, it was exceptional and it was a complete performance when you see five lads come off the bench and contribute to the goals as well."

John Herdman

The significant recognition that Herdman has given to the squad is important. While coming from a match in the Canadian Championship where his statements didn't sit well with many after a 5-0 victory against Simcoe Country, TFC's coach was quite dissatisfied with the result as he expected a more overwhelming victory from his team.

The great confidence that John has instilled in the team is crucial, and the change in mentality from last season to this one is very positive and promising for the fans, aiming to establish themselves in the Playoffs with their great game and a mindset focused on aiming for more in this MLS.