Former Toronto FC player recalls heart-wrenching 2018 CONCACAF Champions League

New England Revolution Vs Toronto FC
New England Revolution Vs Toronto FC / Tim Clayton - Corbis/GettyImages

In a recent interview, former Toronto FC player Jordan Hamilton opened up about the haunting memories of the 2018 CONCACAF Champions League final. As he revisited the painful shootout loss against Chivas, Hamilton expressed the emotional toll, stating that he can't even bring himself to watch that crucial moment to this day.

Despite his departure from Toronto FC in 2019, the lingering impact of that fateful night has followed him through subsequent stints with the Columbus Crew, Indy Eleven in the USL Championship, and even during his time overseas with Sligo Rovers in Ireland.

Reflecting on the devastating defeat on April 25, 2018, Hamilton emphasized the difficulty he faced in reliving the shootout, revealing the enduring nature of those memories. The bitter loss stands in stark contrast to the initial joy and prospect of winning the 2018 Champions League.

I think the question is ‘What don’t I remember'?’” Hamilton told "To this day I can’t even watch that shootout. So yeah, it was a tough day for sure.”

Hamilton highlighted a crucial lesson learned from that final – the significance of the home leg. Toronto FC's 2-1 loss at BMO Field in the first leg meant they had to travel to Mexico, needing at least two goals to stay alive. Although they managed to force penalties with a 2-1 result, the ordeal underscored the importance of securing victory on home turf. The impact of those crucial decisions continues to shape Hamilton's perspective on the dynamics of football.

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This candid interview offers fans a poignant glimpse into the emotional journey of a player haunted by a pivotal moment in his career and the valuable lessons learned along the way. Hamilton's reflections capture the essence of resilience and growth amid the challenges of professional football.