Federico Bernardeschi's Match vs Columbus Crew

• A Highlight in Toronto FC's Disastrous Match

• Bernardeschi's Statistics Against Columbus Crew

• A Tragic Moment for the Italian and His Team

Federico Bernardeschi's Match vs Columbus Crew
Federico Bernardeschi's Match vs Columbus Crew / Harold Feng/GettyImages

On July 6th, Toronto FC fell into an abyss that seems to have no way out, marking their sixth consecutive MLS defeat. Over these six matches, they have conceded 17 goals and scored only 4.

In his match against Columbus Crew, Bernardeschi was the most persistent player for Herdman’s side. He touched the ball 75 times, trying to drive the team forward and improve TFC's offense. However, it was a torment, as Columbus Crew's pressure was so intense that they kept regaining possession and imposing their game.

Federico Bernardeschi's Statistics

As mentioned earlier, Bernardeschi had 75 touches of the ball, achieving an 80% pass accuracy (32/40). He also tried to create alternatives for the team with several cross-field passes, achieving a 50% success rate in his long passes (3/6).

Bernardeschi also tried to reach the opponent’s area through crosses, aiming for Toronto FC's forwards, but none could capitalize on the successful crosses, which were 4 out of 8. Offensively, Bernardeschi attempted shots to score, but throughout the match, he managed only 2 shots, with 1 on target.

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Toronto FC's Failures in Their Matches

The Italian is the most persistent player in Herdman’s squad, but it is not enough, as his teammates' poor performance does not help him significantly impact the team’s results. Additionally, Bernardeschi is forced to take on defensive responsibilities on the left wing, affecting his offensive contributions.

It has been emphasized that Herdman should change the team's tactics, moving away from a three-man defensive line to a four-man defense. This would relieve players like Bernardeschi and Lorenzo Insigne from excessive defensive duties, allowing the full-backs to take on that responsibility.

Toronto FC's next match is on July 10th, facing Forge in the semifinals of the Canadian Championship. It is hoped that this match will break TFC's losing streak and lead to a victory outside of the MLS, helping to build a positive momentum that is much needed at this stage of the season.