Confirmed Lineup for Toronto FC vs Forge

• John Herdman has chosen these 11 players to face Forge

• 3 Canadians will be on the field wearing the TFC colors

• A crucial match for Toronto FC's season and even for John Herdman

Confirmed Lineup for Toronto FC vs Forge.
Confirmed Lineup for Toronto FC vs Forge. / SOPA Images/GettyImages

For this Canadian Championship semifinal, Toronto FC will take to the field with their ideal XI, aiming to compete at their best and secure the first match of this tough semifinal, striving to return to victory this season.

John Herdman has decided to field his best players for this match, an away game against one of the best teams in League One, which competes strongly in the Canadian League. For this match, the two Italian stars of the MLS team are available, and a higher level of performance is expected from these players.

Starting XI for Toronto FC

  • Luka Gavran
  • Kobe Franklin
  • Shane O'Neill
  • Aimé Mabika
  • Nicksoen Gomis
  • Federico Bernardeschi
  • Deybi Flores
  • Kosi Thompson
  • Raoul Petretta
  • Lorenzo Insigne
  • Derrick Etienne Jr

It has been confirmed that the two players who were questionable for this match, Nicksoen Gomis and Derrick Etienne Jr., will be available and in the starting lineup.

Notably, there will be 3 Canadians on the field to defend The Reds: Luka Gavran, Kobe Franklin, and Kosi Thompson, who are expected to perform well on their home turf.

High expectations surround this match, which is seen as the most challenging scenario for the team to break their 6-game losing streak in the MLS. Securing a victory in this match would be ideal, ensuring the first leg of the Canadian Championship semifinal and providing a boost for the competitive calendar ahead.

John Herdman has placed these 11 warriors at the start of the match, and it is expected that they will give their best, showing a better side of Toronto FC than in previous matches.