A renaissance for Toronto FC in the 2024 MLS Season

After the victory on May 4th with a score of 3-1 against FC Dallas, Toronto FC solidifies its position with a streak of 3 consecutive victories in the last few MLS matches.
A renaissance for Toronto FC in the 2024 MLS Season.
A renaissance for Toronto FC in the 2024 MLS Season. / SOPA Images/GettyImages

For Toronto FC, the recent seasons have been extremely challenging, with devastating streaks throughout the season, where losses were constantly accumulating. But for the 2024 season, everything has changed.

TFC's Formula for Competing this Season

The mentality instilled by John Herdman and the players' confidence themselves has led TFC to have a better game on the field, thus having a quite positive formula with the new lineup imposed by their coach, the 3-4-2-1, which has borne fruit in the last 4 matches for TFC, securing 4 consecutive victories (3 in MLS and 1 in the Canadian Championship).

These matches have been won in great style, with extremely positive results both on the scoreboard and in the gameplay demonstrated by TFC on the field. Starting with a narrow victory of 1-0 against New England, kicking off this positive streak in a tough match where Prince Owusu scored a spectacular goal for the win.

Next came the impressive debut in the Canadian Championship, facing Simcoe Country, a semi-professional team from League 1, where they dominated with a resounding 5-0 victory. Then, they visited Orlando City, where in a historic comeback within 3 minutes, they managed to win the match 1-2 at the end. And the most recent one on May 4th, with a formidable performance by Federico Bernardeschi against Dallas, ending 3-1.

A Positive Streak Not Seen Since 2020

Considering victories only in the MLS (3), Toronto FC achieved 3 consecutive victories again after 4 years, where in October 2020, they achieved the same number and even went on to have a streak of 5 consecutive victories.

It is expected that the club will continue to accumulate victories this season and beyond, considering the path they have to tread in May, one of the toughest months of the season, with even 2 matches per week.

TFC is already preparing for their next encounter on May 8th against Saint-Laurent, for the Canadian Championship, and after that, they will face New York City at the BMO Field for the 12th matchday of the MLS, having a very competitive week in which they must concentrate to the fullest.