5 Non-Negotiable Starters for Toronto FC Matches

In a positive stretch of the season for Toronto FC, John Herdman manages a squad that delivers results and, above all, provides security in each recent match.
5 Non-Negotiable Starters for Toronto FC Matches.
5 Non-Negotiable Starters for Toronto FC Matches. / Anadolu/GettyImages
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2. Federico Bernardeschi

In a season where the 30-year-old Italian has played an extremely important role in the team, he has yet to score his first goal this year. However, Bernardeschi has made an impact on the team that cannot be measured by statistics. He is responsible for leading TFC's offensive play in matches, and the club looks much better when he has the ball.

3. Lorenzo Insigne

With a tough injury suffered on March 3rd, the Italian footballer has not been able to maintain the expected level of play for this season. However, despite his injury, Insigne has been one of the contributors to goal-scoring actions for The Reds. With 2 goals in 5 matches, he was having a fairly positive season, and it is expected that his return to the field will have an even greater impact than Toronto FC's current form in the season.