Get All Your Toronto FC News at MLS Multiplex

From now on, every MLS site on FanSided will be merged into MLS Multiplex. Be sure to follow them for everything Toronto FC related.

Effective immediately, Toronto Reds and every other MLS site on the FanSided network will be merged with MLS Multiplex. This is done in an effort to bring fans of all MLS teams under one place, and give them an effective way of communicating amongst each other.

The MLS is still a growing league in world football, and one way to make it grow is by creating more conversation amongst the other fanbases. As fans of a team in a big market, it would be cool to learn what it’s like to be a supporter in a smaller market like Portland, where summer is all about the Timbers.


More importantly, there are 20 teams in the MLS, and sites for only six teams, so centralizing them under one umbrella is a logical step moving forward. On the whole, FanSided is one of the fastest growing sports networks out there, so to help out our MLS Multiplex site as well as bring all MLS fans together is a great way to showcase how it’s becoming a growing player in world football.

That doesn’t mean there will be less Toronto FC coverage – far from it, in fact. Being in a city as media crazed as Toronto means there’s a story waiting to be written every day. And MLS Multiplex already has a good base for Toronto FC with stories like this:

We can’t wait to help MLS Multiplex grow their Toronto FC coverage in addition to helping them out with stories from across the league.

We may be saying goodbye on Toronto Reds, but be sure to stay followed to us on Twitter as well as giving MLS Multiplex a follow as well. I for one welcome our new overlords, and you should too.

We also end our time at Toronto Reds on a high note, with Will Johnson capturing the Voyageurs Cup with the last kick of the ball. There will be plenty to follow in the aftermath of that game from both the Whitecaps and Toronto FC perspective, and MLS Multiplex will be the place to go for that.

From the bottom of our hearts, we can’t thank you enough for being loyal readers of our website. We appreciate all of the comments, even the negative ones. But don’t let this be goodbye; let this be the start of a new chapter at FanSided.