Report: Jozy Altidore Expected to Miss Season Opener

Jozy Altidore’s hamstring issue is worse than we thought as he is expected to miss the first two weeks of the regular season.

When Jozy Altidore sat out Toronto FC’s opening match of the Suncoast Invitational, we didn’t think much of it. That’s because a) it’s still the preseason and b) it’s best not to overwork your starters before the beginning of the season proper. But it was revealed by Kurtis Larson that a hamstring injury was the cause of his absence, and that it’s an issue that will spill over into the start of the regular season:

He followed up by saying that they’re giving it a one to three week timetable. If he’s ready for week 2 against NYCFC, he’ll return but if not, they may be forced to sit him out an extra week:

Injury problems last season forced Altidore to miss 10 games. In addition, his style of play is a very aggressive one and it forces hard tackles on him as well as draws suspensions – in some cases, he even gets booked when he’s not on the field.

It was always going to be difficult for Toronto to match up against the defending Supporters Shield winners New York Red Bulls, but now they will have to face them without their second best forward – and arguably player – on the team. Of course, when in doubt, blame Jurgen Klinsmann who probably overworked him in two friendlies against Iceland and Canada earlier this year.

It’s a tough break for Jozy, and in a season where he was really looking to assert himself for both club and country, he will have to wait through this setback. Let’s hope that he’s able to carry through the rest of the season without a hitch.

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