Clint Irwin Scored a Goal in the Canadian Soccer League (Video)


New Toronto FC goalkeeper Clint Irwin can prove to be a goalscoring threat if needed.

Even though Clint Irwin is set to join Toronto FC, this isn’t his first time playing for a Canadian team. Soon after he finished playing in college, he played between the sticks for Ottawa’s Canadian Soccer League team Capital City F.C. He lasted only 22 games, but during his time they were a powerhouse – in all likelihood due to his amazing goalkeeping.

They were riding a nine-game unbeaten streak against Windsor, and heading into the final minute, they were down 2-1 until they brought Clint Irwin up for a corner kick:

It’s hard to make out, but it’s indeed Clint Irwin who tapped home the equalizer to extend Capital City’s unbeaten streak. Goalkeepers have been known to come up for corners in the past, but Irwin is one of few to actually have the finishing ability to get a goal. And unlike other goalies who have scored a goal from their own net, this one clearly isn’t a fluke.

Obviously, Toronto doesn’t need goalscoring – their 58 goals last season were good enough for the second-highest tally in the league. What TFC want from Clint Irwin is stability in between the pipes, and his 8 clean sheets with bottom-feeding Colorado last season suggests he can add that. But any time someone from the backline can score a goal, it’s a nice added bonus.

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Toronto have to be confident at their offseason moves so far. They’ve managed to upgrade at every position of need while getting rid of the dead weight – *cough* Ahmed Kantari *cough* – that had to go. As a result, they will be heading into the 2016 season as one of the favourites to win the league, but as this team’s previous history suggests, that’s never a given and there’s still plenty of time for TFC to somehow screw all of this up.