Could Cristiano Ronaldo Be Joining MLS?

Portuguese superstar Cristiano Ronaldo just dropped a big hint that he could join MLS when his current contract expires.

The MLS is officially on Cristiano Ronaldo watch. In an interview he gave to GQ Magazine (h/t NBC Sports), he said he would consider a move to Major League Soccer, because he is impressed with the growth of the game here. Indeed, he got to see how passionate Americans have grown towards soccer when he played the US in the World Cup last year.

I consider it, of course, because, as I’ve said, soccer there has become better and better, so why not? I think that this is maybe going to be possible.

I know that many players move there. I think it’s becoming better and better.

It’s good for me and young players that maybe one day we want to move there. So it’s good that football – ‘soccer’ – grows there.

The perennial Ballon d’Or contender has pretty much won every major trophy (team and individual) on the European level. He has also became Real Madrid’s all-time leading scorer this season, so why not do a David Beckham and try to win a trophy on another continent? If Ronaldo were to join the MLS, he wouldn’t be the only Galactico to do so: David Beckham and Kaka have already moved and found great success with their clubs.

I know that having Ronaldo join in 2018 when he’s 35 doesn’t help the narrative that the MLS is a retirement league, but this is one of the best goalscorers in football history. I don’t care if he’s 40 years old and on one leg, he’d still be a valuable player and one that any fanbase would love to have. Besides, he talks a lot about how big the game has grown, so how much bigger do you think the MLS would be if Ronaldo were to join? Dare I say it would surpass Liga MX?

And of course, we wouldn’t be a Toronto FC site if we didn’t talk about the possibility of him joining the Reds. Well why not? Of all the teams in the MLS, we’re the ones that spend the most, and would be the most willing to take him. Besides, it wouldn’t be a Toronto team unless there was an Italian and a Portuguese attacker up front.